How Usable is Your Website?

I had the pleasure of meeting with a user experience expert yesterday, Carl Heaton from Web Courses Bangkok. Carl showed me a great tool for website owners called UserFly (affiliate link).

Userfly allows you to test the usability of your website as each visitor goes to your site. You start by adding a small JavaScript to the web pages you want to track. It’s that easy.

You can then view your account activity and watch a video of the users experience on your website; what they looked at, what they clicked on, when they left your site. This is a fantastic tool for helping us website owners to understand website usability. It can also point to potential problems that we didn’t realize existed.

For instance, Carl showed me a video of their old site. (They have just launched a fresh new look this week.) On the old site, visitors wandered around aimlessly not sure where to click or what to look at. This resulted in a redesign of the layout which assists users in finding what they are looking for much quicker and in a much more productive manner.

I am trying out the tool on my site now and I am amazed at what I have been neglecting in providing my users with helpful guidance on where to go and what to look for. It looks like I may be examining the layout of my site in more detail in the months to come.

About Web Courses Bangkok

“It is the 1 year anniversary of Web Courses Bangkok. I started the company exactly 1 year ago and we have already helped 12 people become professional web designers AND taught over 200 people.” – Carl Heaton
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4 thoughts on “How Usable is Your Website?

  1. Hi,

    thanks for the article. I would strongly recommend that you tried out the tool Mouseflow ( It records videos of visitors just like Userfly, but it also offers a wide range of analysis tools such as heatmaps of clicks/movements, link analysis and live stream.


  2. Hi Carl,

    I have just installed UserFly today and I am very keen to see the results of how our website stacks up. I really appreciate this new tool.

    Thanks again for the heads up.

  3. Eric, thank you for the post it is very interesting. UX is my passion and it was so surprising to see what happened on my site when I used Userfly. I didn`t realize I went so far off the mark so we re-designed everything.

    Thanks again for the post

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