Legacy Systems

old computer boards and cards

A common use case for digital transformation addresses the use of aging legacy systems with highly customized, out-of-date applications. In most cases, these core systems are not keeping up with the demands of your business.

If you have older code or computers, our seasoned experts can help fix most problems so your business can still operate smoothly.

We perform a reappraisal of the future of your legacy systems and the packaged applications used around them. From here, we help you to develop a plan that involves a low-code replacement of the applications making it easier to manage the access to your legacy data using modern, seamless low-code applications.

Case Study

A two-year-old customer portal, which served more than 20,000 users, was showing signs it could not scale further. With a mandate to increase the features by 20 percent and with a six-month timeline, the strategic decision was made to build an entirely new customer portal using OutSystems, a low-code platform development tool. In just four months, a team of three developers built an entirely new portal. Two months later, version two was released based on real-time change requests from business users. This Customer Portal is now a custom solution that is future-proofed and growing in user adoption by the client.

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