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Using PDF files – Pros and Cons

PDF files: pros and cons

Good Reasons to Use PDF Files in Your Website

I have been working on a web development project recently where the customer has requested the use of PDF files in the content. This actually happens frequently, especially when the customer is not that web savvy. It usually also involves a lengthy discussion on the use of PDF files and the impact to the visitor.

But it has caused me to sit back and think about this from the perspective of my customer and their website visitors.

Cool WordPress Hacks You Can Do Without Plugins

Top hacks for Wordpress

The thing we like the most about WordPress here at Siamcomm is how easy it is to empower the platform with endless new features, all thanks to the plugins that are available. There are around 38,000+ free plugins available and thousands more premium ones available. There is practically a plugin available for everyone’s needs as well as budget. If you decide to take a look online for tricks, tips or hacks relating to WordPress, you will no doubt end up on an article which covers a list showing popular plugins which will give you exactly what you are looking for.


Benefits and Risks: Outsourcing Web Development to Foreign Countries

Outsourcing Web Development

Outsourcing is a common buzzword in the business world today allowing many companies to become more competitive and efficient in doing their businesses. One of the most common strategies being adopted by companies is outsourcing web development. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of outsourcing your web development project. We will examine the risks and pitfalls you need to be aware of when selecting an outsourcing partner.

First of all, you need to understand what outsourcing is before rushing out and hiring an outsourcing company. Outsourcing is hiring other companies to handle tasks normally completed by someone in your organization in order to save costs. This allows the business owner, or manager, to concentrate resources on more important or relevant matters.

This is why outsourcing is so popular in the business world today. With outsourcing, you can save your company from spending a lot of money and at the same time, allow your business to focus on matters that are more relevant and important towards making a profit.

But, why specifically are more companies adopting the strategy of outsourcing web development?


What's in a Theme

We have a new look!

The theme of this site is certainly not the first. And it may not be the last. But we feel that the current theme best reflects our message and provides it in a very nice layout.

And we think it’s cool.

This theme is called Arthemia and was developed by Michael Jubel. We have taken the free version of his theme and customized it slightly to meet our own needs. Michael has done a great job of using WordPress to the fullest to provide a better experience to our visitors.

We are always on the lookout for great themes. And we know that many of you are also looking to make your site look it’s best. So we are going to take this opportunity to provide a list of some of the best known sites for WordPress Themes. If you know of other sites, please share them with us.

100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes
The folks at Smashing Magazine are some of the hardest working when it comes to finding useful, high quality sites. So we thought we would start with their list of the 100 best free themes for WordPress that they have labeled as “high quality themes“.

Best WordPress Themes
This lists contains both free and premium themes for WordPress. It is quite extensive, so be prepared to spend some time on this site.

Top WordPress Themes
This site has a great variety of free WordPress themes. But they also offer Premium themes which we found to be very professional.

WPSnap – Best WordPress Themes
We like this site because it lets us browse themes when we already know some of the attributes we want in a theme. You can browse by color, layout, style, width and more. They have a very large selection of free themes to choose from.

I find it funny when I stumble across a very plain looking site using the default WordPress Theme with the topic of “Best WordPress Themes”. There are many of these sites. It is obvious that the owners of those sites aren’t taking there own advice on design.

We hope you enjoy our list. Please share your favorites.