Latest Web Development Trends

web development trends

Why Web Development Trends are Important Web development trends are constantly changing. With it, platforms, languages and other components that comprise the web are also becoming more refined. Boundaries are being pressed by the growing need for businesses to deliver their products and services to multiple devices around the world. Therefore, it is necessary to

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Using PDF files – Pros and Cons

PDF files: pros and cons

I have been working on a project recently where the customer has requested the use of PDF files in the content. This actually happens frequently, especially when the customer is not that web savvy. It usually also involves a lengthy discussion on the use of PDF files and the impact to the visitor.

But it has caused me to sit back and make an attempt to understand the perspective of the customer.

Using a PDF file or two is not necessarily a web design sin. In fact, there are points to defend the use of a PDF file. So I thought it might be beneficial to highlight the pros and cons of using PDF files in your website content.

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What's in a Theme

We have revamped the look of our site. We hope you like it.

Like us, you probably also worry the look of your web site. Making your site or blog look professional is a difficult task. This list of sites should help you find the look that conveys your online message in the best way.

Please share your favorites with us as well.

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