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WordPress Security: Why you Should use a Website Firewall (WAF)

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A Website Firewall Adds an Additional Layer of Security

In a previous post, Keeping Your WordPress Website Secure, we discussed various options for securing your website files, databases and other WordPress related items from hackers. When our Security Services team implements a solution, we focus on adding layers of security to protect your website. One way we do this is with a website firewall (web application firewall or WAF).

In this post, we will help you understand the basics of a website firewall. We will discuss why having a web application firewall is important. Additionally, we will provide you with a list of website firewall providers you can use for your website.

WordPress Security: Keeping your WordPress Website Secure

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WordPress Security should be a part of the website development process

With every web development project we undertake, we include WordPress Security as a key deliverable. Here is why …

You woke up this morning and checked on your website to find the ultimate disaster; Your website had been hacked over night. Unfortunately, WordPress security is often not something that businesses consider when setting up their website.

Another situation occurs when your website starts to act in strange ways for no known reason. Perhaps you backup the site, update everything, and do a little cleanup. But the minor strange occurrences continue happening.

These situations are not uncommon. A hacked WordPress website can cause damage to your business revenue. It also damages your reputation to your clients and competitors.