Welcome to Siam Communications, a Bangkok Web Development company.

Our team has been helping people build successful websites for more than 10 years. We specialize in website development by building WordPress themes and plugins, and keeping your WordPress website secure.

We realize that technology and related terms are not necessarily easy to understand. Our attempt is to discover and explain, in easy to understand terms, the website development process and help address your technical issues. We will do this through a series of “How to” articles, usually with links to other websites that also provide helpful information on related topics.

If this is still a challenge, our experts our here to help get your website operational with a more “hands on approach”.

One of the key issues in today’s online world is with website security. Our experts have seen many different types of attacks and infections. We are happy to use this knowledge so you and your business can benefit and also enjoy a Secure website.

If you have challenges relating to old or outdated computer systems, we can show you how to maintain your investment in these systems so that your business does not suffer from any downtime caused by replacing these legacy systems. Our experts would be happy to evaluate any scenario your business may have with your legacy computer systems.