Welcome to Siam Communications and our Web Services and Tools blog. We realize that technology is not necessarily easy to understand. Our attempt is to discover and explain, in easy to understand terms, the web services and web tools available online to assist you with your websites and address the technical issues that surround them. We will do this through a series of “How to” articles, usually with links to other websites that also provide helpful information on related topics.

If this is still a challenge, our experts our here to provide a service to you by helping get your web site operational with a “hands on approach”.

Our Web Services consist of web development services and website hosting. We pride ourselves with being a top ranked website hosting company in terms of our customer support, with 24/7 availability, live online chat, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

We hope you will find this blog useful and helpful to you in building and maintaining your own online business or presence. Please feel free to comment on any content on this site, as we have comment forms on nearly every page. And if you have any questions about topics that we have not yet covered, please let us know.

Siam Communications Group

Specializing in telecommunications and IT implementations and deployment, Siam Communications has been a key part of some of the biggest deployments in the Asia Pacific region. Our past experience has allowed us to provide consulting in the areas of broadband network consulting/engineering, CRM implementations, web programming (PHP, HTML, Java), web site management, and Project Management.

Cloud Web Site Hosting

Specializing in simple, easy to use website hosting, we offer a complete array of web hosting services including shared web hosting, virtual and dedicated hosting, domain name registration, SSL certification and a variety of web marketing services.