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WordPress is the most popular website content management system on the Internet today. It allows any individual or company to maintain their website, with little or no programming skills, all with the use of a simple web browser.

WordPress is also very customizable, allowing a WordPress developer to change the look and feel to meet the needs of most users.

Our web development team in Bangkok focuses on WordPress development. Our team can develop a WordPress theme to your specifications, or we will work with you to find a design that represents you properly and professionally. Our WordPress development team can also extend the functionality of WordPress by developing a plug-in that meets the needs of your business.

As with all of our projects, our goal is to make the Internet, and your website, work for you and provide an additional point of contact between you and your customers. If you would just like to ask us a question about our WordPress development services, please visit our “Contact Us” form.

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Internet Privacy and Security are one of the biggest concerns to most individuals and organizations today. Our infrastructure Solutions Architects can help provide you with a VPN solution that provides a secure, private connection with the freedom to see the entire Internet.. If you simply need better privacy and would like to use the Internet more freely, please supply you details and we will send you a special offer for Secure, Private VPN services. You can use a VPN for any of the following:
  • Hide your IP address
  • Defend yourself from data monitoring and eavesdropping
  • Unrestricted Internet Access
  • Browse anonymously
Let us know your requirements and we will send you a list of our best picks for VPN services. All of your information is private and will not be shared.


If you have older code or computers, our seasoned experts can help fix most problems so your business can still operate smoothly.

We can also help you implement a more cost effective hardware configuration for older computer systems such as PDP-11, VAX/VMS/OpenVMS, Alpha, HP3000 and Sun Sparc systems. If your business is trying to figure out what to do with your classic systems, we can help.

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