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SDTimes Online Development Magazine

The online magazine SD (Software Development) Times is the flagship publication of BZ Media LLC from Huntington, New York with a subscription base of 60,000 in more than 130 countries. It was launched in February 2000, and has been followed by the launch of other BZ Media publications such as Software Test & Performance and… Read more »

Website Magazine Online

This web magazine is available in both a print version and in a digital format. It is published monthly and requires a subscription. For those in the US and Canada, the print version is free, all others need to pay $49 or, choose the option to receive the digital version, which is also free. You… Read more »

PHP, AJAX Online Magazines

This is the first of a series of articles on online magazines. There are many resources out there for web developers, but we thought we would point you to some of the top content available. The first magazine is actually a set of two online magazines; PHP Magazine for PHP developers and AJAX Magazine for… Read more »

IE Displays larger, low quality fonts & images

One of the most frustrating aspects of web design is ensuring compatibility across different web browsers. The most frustrating for our team to date is the issue with Internet Explorer 7 and changing the DPI setting of the display in Windows. The computer is a Dell XPS laptop, and it turns out that the DPI… Read more »

5 steps for making your web site Global

Like many people that use the Internet, we have all typed in those three well known letters that proceed every URL. But most probably, we never give a second thought to what they really stand for or their true meaning. Unfortunately, many web site owners do not give much thought to these three letters and… Read more »